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Who Dies In Stranger Things 4?

Did Max die in Stranger Things 4?

Is Max alive at the end of Season 4? – Physically, yes. Lucas tells his friends that Max is in a coma, and we see her wearing casts on her arms and legs. The Duffer brothers have also that at the end of Season 4, Max is alive yet “brain dead, blind, and all of her bones are broken.” The big mystery is where the redhead is mentally.

Who all died in Stranger Things 4 Vol 2?

Alive: Vecna – The ultimate battle of season 4, after all that hype and all those theories, doesn’t end in a victory. A new favorite is now gone, my personal favorite character hangs on by a thread, and the border between the Upside Down and Hawkins is gone.

  1. The final shot shows the ever-present ashes of the mirror dimension raining down on Hawkins, as the vegetation dies and smoke rises out from the cracks in the earth.
  2. Vecna’s still out there.
  3. Though Steve, Nancy, and Robin did set him on fire and blast him with a sawed-off shotgun, his body disappeared, in a direct homage to another ’80s villain, Freddy Krueger in Halloween,

He’s gravely injured, but even Will can still feel him. We also now have confirmation that Vecna controlled the demo-creatures’ hive mind. (Cue the Wandavision soundtrack: IT WAS VECNA ALL ALONG!) As soon as the Big Bad has recovered, there will likely be an army of dogs, bats, and any other demo-creatures heading through those cracks to take over the world. Netflix Quinci LeGardye is an LA-based freelance writer who covers culture, politics, and mental health through a Black feminist lens. When she isn’t writing or checking Twitter, she’s probably watching the latest K-drama or giving a concert performance in her car. : Who Died in ‘Stranger Things’ Season 4, Volume 2?

Is Max permanently blind?

Is Max Blind In Stranger Things? – When Max falls into Lucas’ arms after Vecna’s curse is broken, she opens her clouded eyes and reveals that she can’t ” see or feel anything,” Moments later, Max died as Lucas screamed in agony for help. While Max was certainly blind in this instance leading up to her death, the Stranger Things season 4 ending didn’t confirm whether Eleven’s powers to resurrect Max also revived her sight.

Will Max be blind in Season 5?

Is Max Dead In Stranger Things? – Max is last seen unresponsive in a hospital bed in the Stranger Things season 4 finale. Technically, Max does die from sustained from Vecna’s curse during “The Piggyback” before Eleven uses her powers to restart her friend’s heart. Before doing so, Vecna breaks Max’s limbs and causes her to go blind before she dies in Lucas’ arms.

Who are the 5 that died in Stranger Things?

Brenner tells Joyce that six people in total have been taken by The Demogorgon in ‘The Upside Down’. Assuming that number contains Will Byers, Barbara Holland, Henry, and Dale, there were two other unnamed residents taken and killed.

Who dies in season 4 of Stranger Things episode 9?

Stranger Things fans highlight ‘tragic’ detail about heartbreaking season 4 episode 9 moment

  • viewers have been left heartbroken over one particular death in the season four finale.
  • The fourth season concluded with a second volume that was released on Friday (1 July), and viewers were worried their favourite character wouldn’t make it out alive.
  • *Spoilers follow – you have been warned*

Sure enough, there are deaths. In episode eight, Matthew Modine’s Dr Martin Brenner seems to actually meet his maker, having initially thought to have perished in season one. But it’s the death in episode nine that has moved fans: Eddie Munson (Joseph Quinn).

  1. Fans are feeling especially moved by to the fact that, all season long, the residents of Hawkins hunted down Eddie, believing him to be responsbile for Vecna’s murders.
  2. A witchunt was led against the character, which didn’t prevent him from dying to save everyone – and what’s worse is his fellow residents don’t even know it.
  3. “Eddie died to protect a town that will remember him as a murderer,” one fan wrote, with another adding: “My guy risked his life for a town that dragged his name through the DIRT.”
  4. “Nah eddie didn’t deserve to go out for a town that hated him,” one fan stated.

Meanwhile, another viewer added: “It’s so tragic that eddie died to save the town and even after that, people were still blaming him for everything that happened. they will never know about his sacrifice, he will just be remembered as a murderer.” Stranger Things is available to stream on,

Is Vecna blind in one eye?

Other interesting information about Vecna’s eyes – The Duffer Brothers reference the game Dungeons & Dragons heavily throughout the series. In fact, one could argue that the concept of D&D drives a heavy portion of the show’s plotline. The idea of Vecna is no different.

Vecna in Stranger Things was inspired by the villain in Dungeons & Dragons — a powerful, undead spellcaster, called a lich. In the D&D realm, a defining feature of Vecna is that he’s missing his left hand and left eye. This is because his trusted accomplice, Kas the Bloody-Handed, betrayed him and used the sword Vecna created himself to chop off his left hand and remove his left eye.

This ultimately destroyed Vecna. Though they’re clouded with cataracts, Vecna in Stranger Things has both of his eyes. For now, at least. Could Vecna’s fate in D&D be a foreshadowing of his demise in Stranger Things ? That will be left up to the Duffer Brothers and how closely they want to follow Dungeons & Dragons.

Can Max be revived?

Has Eleven Always Had The Power To Revive People? – One of the most confusing parts of season 4 of Stranger Things is Eleven being able to revive Max. As far as fans know, Eleven hasn’t been able to do this before. It’s not clear how she gained the power to revive someone or if she would be able to do it again in the future.

  1. This could definitely have been explained more.
  2. Or at the very least, hopefully, it will be mentioned in season 5.
  3. There are many mysterious parts of Stranger Things that are eventually explained, like why The Upside Down is trapped in 1983,
  4. And while it’s frustrating to not know why Eleven can revive Max, it does work for the story.

After all, no one wants Max to die, and everyone hopes that when the show returns for its fifth and final season, she will be just fine. NEXT: What Happened To Sam Owens In Stranger Things?

Will Max return in Season 5?

Who will star in Stranger Things season 5? – Netflix announced during its 2023 TUDUM event that actress Linda Hamilton—another ’80s icon—will be joining the cast for season 5. MAJOR. Terminator actress Linda Hamilton—another ’80s icon—will be joining the Stranger Things cast for season 5.

Will Max lose her eyes?

In the battle against Vecna, Max dies. But Eleven — and the power of love — brings her back. It’s ultimately part of one of the show’s greatest strengths, and also one of its greatest weaknesses: showing friendships in various forms. Like so many stories before it, Stranger Things 4 indulges the idea that the power of love is the greatest weapon of all, stronger than all the Molotov cocktails, nails, and guns that the Hawkins kids got from the supply store (ah, the ’80s). Photo: Netflix That includes Max, although the move comes a bit too late to fully keep her safe. After serving as bait for Vecna, she becomes his “final sacrifice,” getting her bones broken and losing her vision during a low point. Once the fight is over, she dies in Lucas’ arms, unable to see or feel anything as Eleven looks on from her mindspace.

But then Eleven resolves to fix it: “No. You’re not going,” she says, reaching out to Max’s heart. She takes a deep breath and closes her eyes, focusing on the good times they’ve had — the first time they met, their first sleepover, reading comics, shopping, singing, high-fiving about how there’s more to life than “stupid boys,” and how Eleven is more than just what Hopper or Mike wants her to be.

The flashbacks are a reminder that Eleven and Max shared a deep friendship. So it’s a bummer that this is the first time in Stranger Things 4 that Eleven or Max got to communicate how notable that friendship still is to them. With such a big cast, Stranger Things has no choice but to mix and match who hangs out with who — it’s an apocalypse! You go where you can be helpful, no matter who’s on your team (just ask Steve “Babysitter” Harrington). Photo: Netflix Max and Eleven are a wonderful example of that. They have the kind of loving, meaningful bond that forms between two girls and can’t really be understood by the boys in their life. Their time as friends was brief — though she was introduced in season 2, Max didn’t really warm to El until season 3, giving them just a season of friendship before Eleven carted off to California with the Byers.

But it was clearly significant, and not just to the plot of Stranger Things 3, The problem is, it’s the only time their bond is really mentioned this season. Though Eleven was featured in Max’s “Running Up That Hill” memories from Stranger Things 4 part 1, the montage focused more on Max’s lingering feelings about Lucas.

Indeed, as both girls have been going through it in season 4, their stories dovetailed into how they felt about their romantic interests, While Eleven struggled to connect with her new home and losing her powers, and Max dealt with survivor’s guilt and grief over losing Billy, their relationship didn’t get the same attention that Will and Mike’s did; neither mentioned having written to or called the other.

  • The way the plot is structured around Eleven, Mike was her sole concern about life back in Hawkins.
  • In that vacuum, neither was able to bring up how being some 2,000 miles from their closest female friend would impact their ability to cope with bullying or loss.
  • It’s certainly a strength of Stranger Things that the relationship could still seem meaningful, even after a season without seeing or really mentioning each other.
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But as the friendship montage played, it seemed obnoxious that almost all the Eleven and Max scenes were from season 3 (and mostly early season 3 at that). The show still struggles to fully pierce the depth of the girls’ friendship in the way it does the boys’.

Was Vecna speaking through Billy?

Stranger Things season 4 revealed Vecna was the real villain of the show all along – and that the Duffer brothers hid Eleven’s first rematch with him. Stranger Things secretly concealed the first rematch between Eleven and Vecna. Stranger Things season 4 stripped away the show’s secrets and revealed a villain who had been working in the shadows all along. Named Vecna by the Hawkins kids, Henry Creel was Eleven’s oldest enemy, a being who possessed all her powers and potentially even more.

  1. Unlike Eleven, Henry Creel’s powers appear to be entirely natural.
  2. They seem to have developed around puberty, and he slaughtered most of his own family before he fell into the care of Dr. Brenner.
  3. He became the basis for all of Dr.
  4. Brenner’s work; when the scientist realized his Number One could not be controlled, he began conducting experiments to create others who possessed Henry’s abilities.

Brenner’s experiments were a success, but he made the mistake of keeping the — apparently depowered — Henry as an orderly at Hawkins Lab. Ultimately Henry was able to manipulate Eleven into freeing him, and he slaughtered the other Hawkins children before being cast into the Upside Down by Eleven.

  1. He has waited there for years, working to get back to Earth.
  2. Stranger Things actually secretly concealed the first rematch between Vecna and Eleven,
  3. According to Stranger Things season 4, Vecna’s mind now lies at the heart of the hive mind binding all life in the Upside Down together.
  4. It’s not that the Mind Flayer is his servant; rather, Vecna is the Mind-Flayer.

This retcon transforms a scene in Stranger Things season 3, where Eleven confronted the Mind Flayer’s consciousness in a psychic conversation. Presumably, Vecna chose to conceal his true identity as he spoke through Billy, explaining some of the strange pronouns used during the conversation.

Who was Vecna’s second victim?

Stranger Things Recap: Proof of Life “Hop is alive,” it says. Hop is alive! Listen, I’m aware this isn’t some big reveal. We’ve known our intrepid, Miami Vice –loving sheriff survived that blast in the Russian bunker since the end of season three, but as someone with a schoolgirl crush on Jim Hopper that knows exactly zero bounds, I’m just glad Stranger Things didn’t hold back that information from the other characters until like halfway through the season.

  • Thanks to that creepy doll and the magazine-cutout note signed by “Enzo,” Joyce and Murray know there’s hope.
  • Who cares who sent the note — there’s no way they’re not going to do something about it.
  • Okay, actually, we all care who sent that note because Joyce and Murray’s story line for this entire episode is about figuring it out.

But you know what I mean. Friend or foe, they’re coming for Hopper. Here’s the thing: Hopper might be alive, but only barely. We get a look at what’s happened to our chief, and it’s, uh, not great. After that heartbreaking nod in which Hopper sacrifices himself (which I honestly did not want to relive because I’m fragile), we learn Hop took a last-ditch nosedive away from the blast.

He survives it, but when he comes to, he’s surrounded by Russian soldiers (did the U.S. soldiers not do a full sweep of the area?). He’s tortured and interrogated, and they try a baby bit of suffocation with this mask called “the elephant” that will probably haunt my dreams. They want him to give up Joyce’s name, but Hopper never breaks.

“You want to die for this woman?” they ask. But folks, they don’t know he would! Of course he would die for this woman! So Hopper survives all of this, and as a treat, they send him off to a work prison in Kamchatka, which one guy insists is the same as sending him to hell.

So that’s fun and cute. Meanwhile, in Lenora Hills, California, Murray Bauman has arrived to help Joyce figure out what this note means. Murray is concerned since there’s no proof Hopper is actually alive, but Joyce points to the fact that it’s signed “Enzo” and only she and Hopper knew they had set up a date at Enzo’s.

It has to be a signal from him. All they can do now is call the number on the note. The number goes to a pay phone, and it’s answered by some guy who wants them to bring $40,000 from Hopper’s trust for El to a man named Yuri in Alaska, who will then give “Enzo” the money.

Only then will he send Hopper back to them. They have two days. The phone call leaves them even more confused until Murray is able to translate a woman speaking in the background who they picked up on their recording of the call. She’s yelling at this Enzo guy and uses a slang term equivalent to calling cops “pigs.” It turns out Enzo is a prison guard in Kamchatka whom Hopper bribed.

It’s all a risk, but if this is the one shot at getting Hopper home, then Joyce and 40 grand are headed up to Alaska. Something tells me nothing about this will be easy, but, you know, one can hope. One can also hope they move quickly because it seems as though the people back in Hawkins may need some backup soon.

Since Chrissy Cunningham was found dead in Eddie Munson’s trailer, things have been spiraling. Since Eddie took off, he is clearly the No.1 suspect. Thankfully, Max was right across the way the night Chrissy died. Not only did she see Eddie flee and notice he looked scared out of his mind while doing so, but she also noticed the lights flickering in an “Oh, no, this is Upside Down related, isn’t it?” kind of way.

She immediately tells Dustin, who knows with 100 percent certainty that Eddie couldn’t have done this (okay, his story about how Eddie was the only one nice to him and Mike when they started school is so sweet), a monster from another dimension is the only explanation.

  • And you know what? On this show, that makes total sense.
  • Thanks to some help from Steve and Robin, some phone calls to Eddie’s friends, and the fact that our movie-rental choices might say a lot more about us than we want to let on, they track Eddie down in the boathouse of his drug dealer, Reefer Rick, near Lover’s Lake.
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Eddie is petrified people think he could’ve killed Chrissy and is scared they won’t believe him when he tells them what really happened. They’re all like, “Try me” — which, sidenote, is kind of a badass thing to say. Eddie tells them what he saw happen to Chrissy, snapped bones and all, and they tell him about the Upside Down.

They know the two are related even though they were under the impression there was no way for the two worlds to “bleed” together with the gate closed. They know Eddie is innocent. Now all they have to do is figure out a way to prove it. It certainly doesn’t do Eddie any favors that after this evening, a second high-school student is added to the mysterious snapped-bone-and-missing-eye murder list.

That’s right: Vecna claims his second victim, and it is Fred Benson, Nancy’s right hand at the school paper. Nancy and Fred head over to the trailer park to get the scoop on Chrissy’s death, but as soon as they pull in, Fred starts to have the same type of hallucinations Chrissy did.

His, however, have to do with some hit-and-run he was involved in. Instead of haunting him about his weight, as Vecna did with Chrissy, Fred is haunted by the guilt of killing someone. He follows the sound of the ticking clock into the woods alone (another teen walking into the woods alone? In this climate?!) and finds the same grandfather clock Chrissy saw, this time in a coffin.

Zombie people chant “Murderer!” at him. He finds himself in a deep grave with the corpse of the guy he killed. And then Vecna shows up. He remains very unpleasant to look at. When Fred asks what he wants, he tells him “to join me.” We see Fred run out into a deserted road, and it’s not long before he’s levitating.

  • His bones snap.
  • His eyes are pulled into the back of his head.
  • It’s over so quickly.
  • Now why did Nancy leave Fred alone in the first place? Well, she was trying to get information from Eddie’s uncle. Mr.
  • Munson has an interesting theory as to what really happened here: He tells Nancy about a man named Victor Creel, who, when Munson was a kid, went insane and killed his wife and kids.

They, too, were missing their eyes. Creel is alive, and though he was sent to the Pennhurst Mental Hospital, he could’ve escaped, Munson thinks. Like, of course this town has an insane asylum, and you can bet your butts we’re going to end up paying the place a visit at some point.

  1. But still! Victor Creel is a real lead — one that could end up helping Eddie.
  2. It is the silver lining in all of this.
  3. Well, the silver lining for us.
  4. There is no silver lining for Fred Benson.
  5. That boy is real dead.
  6. Mike arrives in California for spring break in a truly unhinged outfit, and El continues her charade of pretending she loves her new life.

She’s friends with Angela! She parties at the roller rink! Mike learns the hard way that his girlfriend is lying: He watches as Angela brutally bullies El in the middle of the rink, having everyone swarm around her to the tune of “Wipe Out” until another kid dumps a milkshake on her.

  1. They videotape the entire thing.
  2. There are a lot of disgusting things that happen on this show, but this one had my stomach churning.
  3. El hides with embarrassment but then decides to demand an apology from Angela.
  4. Instead, Angela decides to make fun of El for having a dead dad because Angela is a monster.

And so our El, unable to control her rage — it feels so primal, doesn’t it? — slams a roller-skate wheel into Angela’s head! It is wild, No wonder when Mike runs up yelling “What did you do?” we flash back to that bloodbath in the lab with Brenner asking El the same thing.

This is not good for anyone! • I’m sorry, it’s well past 1976: Have none of these Lenora Hills teens seen Carrie ? These assholes should know what happens when you mess with a girl with telekinetic powers!! • What’s up with Will and his painting? And also his general mood? • We have a new ominous figure in town: Lieutenant Colonel Sullivan arrives in Hawkins to review the details surrounding Chrissy’s death.

Is he a good guy, or should we be worried? • Jason finds out Eddie could have something to do with his girlfriend’s death and decides that Eddie’s Hellfire Club must be a cover for Satanic worship and he must be stopped. Lucas tries to explain that D&D is just a game, but Jason is too far gone down this path.

He gathers the basketball boys to go “freak hunting.” Lucas is going to have some problems here. • Does anyone care about Jonathan being so angsty about his relationship with Nancy? Not even Nancy seems that concerned! Jonathan confesses to Argyle that he’s going to go to community college to stay close to his family instead of heading off to Emerson as he and Nancy planned — but he’s scared that if he tells Nancy, she’ll change her plans for him.

Nancy doesn’t strike me as that kind of girl, but okay. If this is the end of Nancy and Jonathan, I will not be heartbroken about it. • Speaking of, Steve and Robin have a convo about how Steve is dating around with no luck because he doesn’t know what he wants.

How big is the mind flayer?

The Shadow Monster – The Mind Flayer looms above Loch Nora The Mind Flayer’s initial form The Mind Flayer’s main form, also known as the ‘Shadow Monster’, is a massive entity, looming at least 50 stories tall. It has a unique body composed entirely of minuscule particles, giving it a misty appearance akin to a shadow.

  1. Originally, the particles took the form of a swirling, storm-like mass, which Henry Creel manipulated and reformed into the Mind Flayer.
  2. The Mind Flayer had a vaguely spider-like appearance, due to Henry’s love of black widow spiders,
  3. The entity has numerous tornado-like limbs, some of which branch into several smaller appendages, and is visually reminiscent of the vines that overrun the Upside Down.

The body also features an elongated, flame-shaped head that sprouts from the central body. The creature’s presence is often accompanied by unnatural red lightning, which Will describes as a “storm”. Through a telepathic link, Vecna, via the Mind Flayer, could directly control additional entities and beings:

Is Vecna a girl or boy?

It’s time for your suffering. to end.

Vecna is the main antagonist from the fourth season of Stranger Things, He is portrayed by Jamie Campbell Bower as an adult and by Raphael Luce as a child. A fearsome entity aligned with the Upside Down, Vecna had humble origins as the human Henry Creel,

After moving to a new home in Hawkins in 1959, the young Henry discovered he had remarkable psychokinetic abilities and could manipulate the perceptions of others. Motivated by a misanthropic and nihilistic philosophy, Henry used his powers to psychologically torture his family, eventually killing his mother and sister,

After Henry’s father, Victor, was falsely presumed to be the killer, Victor was imprisoned and driven further into madness. These events would draw the interest of Dr. Martin Brenner, who took Henry to Hawkins National Laboratory to be studied; he was designated 001, becoming the laboratory’s first child test subject,

  1. Brenner implanted “Soteria” into Henry’s neck, a miniature device that suppressed his powers and apparently tracked his movements; in Henry’s own words, he had become a ‘prisoner’.
  2. In time, Henry became one of several orderlies who assisted Brenner and attended the lab.
  3. Brenner would go on to replicate Henry’s powers in seventeen other child test subjects, who also had their movements and lives restricted to the lab’s confines.

In 1979, Henry tricked test subject Eleven into removing the Soteria chip with her powers. In a fit of rage, Henry used his restored powers to brutally murder the other test subjects and workers, and attempted to do the same to Eleven. However, Eleven stood her ground and ultimately overpowered him, sending him through a gate to the Upside Down; there, he gradually transformed into the being known as Vecna,

  1. He became an explorer of the realm, discovering an exotic, storm-like mass of particles, and used his powers to reconstitute it into a giant, spider-like entity ; a being that would come to be known as “the Mind Flayer”.
  2. In 1983, Eleven accidentally opened a second, non-temporary gate at Hawkins Lab when she was forced to make contact with the hive mind.
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Vecna, acting through the Mind Flayer and the hive mind, made two separate attempts to eradicate humanity in 1984 and 1985; he first possessed Will Byers and sent a army of adolescent Demogorgons to attack Hawkins Lab, before going on to possess a large group of humans and using their flesh to create a gigantic spider-like monster in the image of the Mind Flayer.

In both instances, Eleven and her allies ultimately thwarted Vecna’s plans by closing the gates to the Upside Down. In 1986, Vecna resurfaced, taking a more direct approach in his attempts to destroy humanity. He began murdering a host of Hawkins residents, tormenting his victims with his curse power and using their deaths to open a series of new gates,

Dustin, Nancy, Max and others began investigating the murders, nicknaming the murderer ‘Vecna’ after a character from Dungeons & Dragons, The group’s efforts to defeat Vecna culminated in a dual assault; Eleven used psychic projection to confront Vecna within his own mind, while Nancy, Steve and Robin traveled to the Upside Down version of the Creel House to attack his real body. Vecna is the main antagonist from the fourth season of Stranger Things. He is portrayed by Jamie Campbell Bower as an adult and by Raphael Luce as a child. What are Vecna’s origins? Vecna had humble origins as the human Henry Creel. After moving to a new home in Hawkins in 1959, the young Henry discovered he had remarkable psychokinetic abilities and could manipulate the perceptions of others. What happened to Henry’s family? Motivated by a misanthropic and nihilistic philosophy, Henry used his powers to psychologically torture his family, eventually killing his mother and sister. His father, Victor, was falsely presumed to be the killer and was imprisoned. What happened to Henry after his family’s death? Dr. Martin Brenner took Henry to Hawkins National Laboratory to be studied. He became the laboratory’s first child test subject and was designated 001. Brenner implanted a device called ‘Soteria’ into Henry’s neck to suppress his powers and supposedly track his movements. What happened in 1979? In 1979, Henry tricked test subject Eleven into removing the Soteria chip with her powers. He used his restored powers to brutally murder the other test subjects and workers, and attempted to do the same to Eleven. However, Eleven overpowered him and sent him through a gate to the Upside Down, where he gradually transformed into the being known as Vecna.

Is Vecna a hero or villain?

” You see. humans. are a unique type of pest; multiplying. and poisoning our world, all while enforcing a structure of their own: a deeply. unnatural structure. Where others saw order, I saw a straitjacket: a cruel, oppressive world dictated by made-up rules.

Seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years, decades! Each life, a faded, lesser copy of the one before! WAKE UP, EAT, WORK, SLEEP, REPRODUCE, AND DIE! Everyone. is just. waiting. Waiting. for it all. to be. over. All while performing in a silly, terrible play, day after day, but I could not do that.

I could not close off my mind and join in the madness; I could not. pretend. Then I realized. I didn’t have to. ” ―Vecna Henry Creel, also known as One under Hawkins Labs’ experiments, infamously known Vecna, is the main antagonist of the horror/sci-fi web series Stranger Things.

Is Vecna a boy?

Who is Vecna? – The Vecna the internet speaks of. Credit: Courtesy of Netflix Vecna is to Stranger Things 4 what the Demogorgon was to Season 1. In other words, he’s the big, scary monster wreaking havoc on Hawkins. Vecna lives in the Upside Down and preys on people’s past traumas and guilt.

  • The monster curses its victims, making them relive their trauma in progressively more gruesome ways until it violently kills them.
  • And we mean, like, really violently.) Vecna slaughters its targets by levitating them in the air, breaking all their bones, and making their eyes and skull implode.
  • And like its predecessors (the Demogorgon, the Mind Flayer), Vecna is named by the Party after a Dungeons & Dragons character.

Tweet may have been deleted In the final episode of Stranger Things 4 Volume 1, it’s revealed that Vecna isn’t native to the Upside Down, but was banished there by Eleven after he gruesomely massacred the Hawkins National Lab. Vecna was the original child studied by Dr.

  1. Brenner and the son of Victor Creel.
  2. He’s the infamous Number One, but had his powers blocked and worked as an aide in the Hawkins National Lab.
  3. He befriended Eleven at the lab and not knowing Vecna was evil, Eleven restored his powers resulting in the massacre and his expulsion to the Upside Down.
  4. Before coming to the Hawkins National Lab, Venca had a classic villain origin story — he became obsessed with black widows, tortured his family, and brutally killed his mother and sister pinning it on his father.

One/Vecna had his powers blocked and was working as an aide at Hawkins National Lab where he befriended Eleven. Not knowing that One was evil, Eleven restored his powers which he used to gruesomely massacre the entire lab. Eleven banished One/Vecna to the Upside Down where he’s been attacking the Hawkins teens from.

Vecna notably targets Max (Sadie Sink), and the Hawkins gang discovers that the only way for her to avoid being killed by his curse is to play Max her favorite song, which happens to be “Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God)” by Kate Bush. As a result of its inclusion in the show, the 1985 track has skyrocketed in popularity and currently sits at No.2 on Spotify’s top 50 U.S.

chart and No.4 on its top 200 global chart. Max’s obsession with “Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God)” sparked a larger conversation on social media about discovering music through a television show. Some gatekeepers stuck up their nose at people finding the track through Stranger Things, while others celebrated the iconic song beguiling a new generation.

Tweet may have been deleted Tweet may have been deleted Tweet may have been deleted Tweet may have been deleted While the ending of Episode 4 — in which Max runs from Vecna in the Upside Down trying to reach a portal to the real world while listening to “Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God)” — is the standout scene of the season, it hasn’t been Vecna’s only viral moment.

Vecna’s weakness unsurprisingly became an opportunity for viewers to share what song would save their life.

Does Max die in Stranger Things 4 Episode 4?

So, did Max die? – Technically, she did—if only for a moment. According to Lucas, the doctors said Max’s heart stopped for over a minute, but then she came back to life. Eleven doesn’t say that she’s responsible for Max’s survival, but Will and Mike flash each other a knowing look to say they’ve figured it out.

But what, exactly, did Eleven do ? Did she develop new resurrection powers? Did she jump-start Max’s heart with her psychic abilities? Did channeling Max’s happy memories somehow bring her back to life? The theories are bound to be endless. But one thing is certain: Just because Max survived, that doesn’t mean she’s safe.

It’s unclear when she’ll wake from her coma. “They say she might not,” Lucas says. And even if she does wake, there’s no guarantee she’ll be the same Max. Sadie Sink as Max in Stranger Things season 4. Courtesy of Netflix

Does Max come back to life in Season 4?

How Did Eleven Bring Max Back To Life? – There are many questions about Eleven, like whether Eleven created The Upside Down, and in the season 4 finale, she brings Max back to life. Eleven uses her telekinetic powers to get into Vecna’s mind and battle him herself. It seems that because Eleven has a dark and special connection to Vecna, since they have known each other for such a long time, she is the only one who would be able to do something like this.

  • Eleven seems to be able to accomplish great things when she concentrates and focuses really hard, and that seems to be how she brings Max back to life.
  • It’s an incredibly powerful storyline and makes it even harder to wait for season 5.
  • Some of the scariest Stranger Things scenes are when Vecna tries to kill Max twice, and the show does a great job of upping the stakes.

Even though it’s clear that Eleven will do her best to help Max, it’s not always clear that she will succeed, which makes season 4 fairly terrifying. Eleven and Max have always had a special friendship on Stranger Things, and this is why it’s smart to have Eleven bring Max back to life.