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How Tall Is Zendaya?

How tall is Zendaya vs Tom Holland?

Zendaya and Tom Holland Talk About Their Height Difference In case you were wondering, know that their height difference is not a big deal at all. (Zendaya’s height is about 5’10”, while Tom’s is about 5’8″.) The topic came up when the couple/costars were promoting Spider-Man: No Way Home at a Sirius XM Town Hall event in December 2021.

  1. While talking about onscreen kisses, the event’s host Jessica Shaw brought up the fact that fans have noticed that Zendaya is taller than Tom.
  2. LOL, you don’t say?) “What I’m saying is I’m always fascinated by—because it’s such a misogynistic thing that like, ‘Oh my god, the woman,’ and it is so problematic,” Shaw explained, according to,

For their part, agree it’s pretty messed up that people act like it’s a ~thing~, but they aren’t personally bothered by their height difference at all. Tom said thinking it would be an issue in their relationship was “a stupid assumption,” and Zendaya took things a step further, pointing out how normal their height difference actually is. David M. Benett // Getty Images Tom backed up that sentiment, pointing out that literally every actor he tested with for Spider-Man: Homecoming was taller than him—something he thinks *might* have been an intentional choice on the part of the film’s director.

  • I remember when we were doing the Spider-Man screen testsyou’d have to ask Jon Watts this question, but every girl that we tested for both roles was taller than me,” Tom explained.
  • I wonder whether that was a decision Jon had made.
  • There was no one that tested that was shorter than I was.
  • To be fair, I am quite short, so maybe that was a decision Jon Watts made and something he was aware of and wanted to break the stereotype.

I think it’s great.” This content is imported from youTube. You may be able to find the same content in another format, or you may be able to find more information, at their web site. Ditto, Tom. Kayleigh Roberts is the weekend editor at Cosmo, focused on celebrity news and royals. She’s a Ravenclaw who would do great things in Slytherin. To learn more about her, google “Leslie Knope eating salad GIF.” : Zendaya and Tom Holland Talk About Their Height Difference

How tall is Peter Parker?

Appearance – Peter is of slightly above-average height, with a lean but muscular build, weighing 167 lbs. and standing 5’10” in height. He has brown hair and hazel eyes. Peter is often seen wearing plaid or flannel shirts. As Spider-Man, Peter wears a skin-tight bodysuit, which both conceals his identity and provides additional protection.

Are Zendaya and Tom still together?

Are Tom Holland and Zendaya still together? – Yes, Tom and Zendaya are still together. The Spider-Man couple have been together now for two years, and their romance is showing no signs of stopping. Since their relationship went public, the pair have both enjoyed sharing small tokens of love for each other in person and also via social media. © Getty Images Zendaya and Tom in December 2021 In mid-February 2022 the couple were spotted doing one of the most adorable couple activities – outfit twinning – at a New York Rangers vs Red Wings ice hockey game. To make matters even cuter, the stars were wearing each other’s hockey jerseys; Tom was wearing a shirt with “Zendaya” on the back, meanwhile Zendaya had one which said “Holland”. © Getty Images Tom and Zendaya looked so in love at the Spider-Man: No Way Home premiere A year later, after in just under 24 hours as she attended both the SAG and NAACP Image awards in February 2023, on one of her photos from the night. The Uncharted actor’s small gesture led fans into a frenzy about how sweet the two Hollywood A-listers are. © Surender Mohan on Instagram Tom and Zendaya with Jamavar chef Surender Mohan Having at Michelin-starred restaurant Jamavar, Tom and Zendaya were photographed with the restaurant’s culinary director and executive chef, Surender Mohan. He later shared the photo on Instagram, writing: “Was a pleasure having @zendaya & @tomholland2013 dine with us @jamavarlondon this afternoon.” The photo showcased Zendaya and Tom’s elegant attire for the evening.

Zendaya looked stunning in a lavender dress, complemented by a tan coat, sheer black tights, and boots. Meanwhile Tom, a London native, dressed to impress in a rainbow-striped sweater, white collared top, brown slacks, and a brown-check blazer coat. © Blue Bay Marine on Instagram Tom and Zendaya on vacation in India In Spring 2023, Tom and Zendaya visited Mumbai, India.

Their visit involved attending the Nita Mukesh Ambani Cultural Centre’s gala on March 31, and then saw the pair turn the trip into a private couple’s vacation. Evidence of this was found by fans when a photo of the couple was shared to Instagram by a yacht chartering service, Blue Bay Marine, as they enjoyed some time on one of their yachts.

On April 8, 2023, the cute couple were spotted enjoying a date together in England at, Taking to Instagram after their visit, one of the palace’s tour guides wrote that the couple were “just the most lovely and down to earth people” while sharing some photos which showed how the famous duo had been happy to pose for photos with members of staff as they enjoyed learning about the palace’s history.

© anneboleynsociety on Instagram Tom and Zendaya with another of the palace’s staff, Tracy Borman As of June 2023, the pair remain still very much in love. Fans got another chance to celebrate the Spiderman stars’ special connection on June 1, when as per tradition, Zendaya posted another cute tribute to her beau on his birthday.

After spending a day swimming and surfing, the Euphoria actress posted two photos of Tom to her Instagram stories. In the first, he could be seen making a heart symbol with his hands while swimming in the water, while in the second he was smiling happily on the shore. © Zendaya on Instagram Zendaya’s first photo of Tom on his birthday © Zendaya on Instagram The actress’ second photo of Tom smiling on the shore In June 2023, while doing press interviews for his latest TV show, Tom admitted the role while enjoyable to get his teeth into had also been,

“The show did break me,” he told, before admitting: “There did come a time where I was sort of like, ‘I need to have a break’.” The young actor then revealed that since wrapping on the production, he has been enjoying a restful year away from acting, no doubt aided by the support of his girlfriend Zendaya.

How tall is Peter Spider-Man?

According to Marvel, Spider-Man (Peter Parker) is 5′10″. This is one inch taller than the average height of men in the United States. I don’t know why you thought ‘he was like 6′1”. Maybe it is because you’ve seen a lot of movies in which the hero is portrayed as being tall.

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How high is Peter Parker’s IQ?

According to the Scientist Supreme, Peter has an IQ of over 250.

How tall is Thanos?

Clearly, the makers wanted Thanos’ screen version to be intimidating when compared to other celestial beings in the Marvel universe. The marvelous characters from the Marvel Cinematic Universe are all about being super. They are either super-good or super-bad, with super strengths, not to mention super costumes. Several of these super-beings are also super tall. And while standing tall has little to do with being powerful, these characters added some supersize to the franchise that has given fans close to 26 films since 2008.

Thanos has been the biggest, baddest supervillain in the MCU so far and while he has been portrayed as the destroyer of civilizations and the master of destruction, he isn’t really the tallest of them all. There are discrepancies when it comes to the height of the Mad Titan. While his awkward being has been recorded to be 6’7″ tall in the comics, for the MCU the makers gifted him more inches.

In the films, Josh Brolin’s Thanos is a giant, standing at 8’3″. Clearly, the makers wanted Thanos’ screen version to be intimidating when compared to other celestial beings.

Is Zendaya her real name?

With a name as badass as Zendaya, who needs a surname? But believe it or not, the 22-year-old former Disney Channel star does actually have one. Her full name is Zendaya Maree Stoermer Coleman, having been born the only child of Claire Marie Stoermer and Kazembe Ajamu (who reclaimed his African name after he was born Samuel David Coleman).

Her stage name, however, has only ever been just Zendaya. When asked about the choice to drop her last name, the actress told Allure back in December 2016 that she simply liked the sound of the one-word stage name better. “I just thought it was cool, like Cher or Prince,” she explained. Makes sense to us (and we think Rihanna and Beyoncé would also agree).

By the way: it’s pronounced zen-day-uh, not zen-die-uh. “I think a lot of people see my name and think it’s more fancy than it is,” she said to Teen Vogue.

9/26/2019by Corinne Sullivan

Who is Zendaya’s BF?

Zendaya fans call out her boyfriend Tom Holland over the picture he posted on her birthday: ‘Why are all men like this?’ – Published: 10:24 BST, 3 September 2023 | Updated: 11:17 BST, 3 September 2023 Zendaya fans had plenty to say about her boyfriend Tom Holland ‘s choice of photograph he picked to post on her birthday this week.

The Spider-Man actor, 27, posted a cute picture of his actress girlfriend wearing a wetsuit and snorkel, alongside the caption: ‘My birthday girl’. Despite Zendaya, 27, still looking incredible in the snap, some critics complained he was ‘doing her dirty’, by posting the ‘unflattering’ image. Others noted that it was a general trend for men to post funny or unattractive images of their partners on their birthdays.

One person wrote: ‘Typical bf. out of all the gorgeous pics of her that exist, he chooses the goofiest one to post,’ ‘My birthday girl’: Zendaya fans had plenty to say about her boyfriend Tom Holland’s choice of photograph he picked to post on her birthday this week Unimpressed: Despite Zendaya, 27, still looking incredible in the snap, some critics complained he was ‘doing her dirty’, by posting the ‘unflattering’ image (pictured Tom) Adorable: Tom also shared a snap of Zendaya in a park walking her adorable dogs Another said: ‘Boyfriends and sharing random photos,’ One other penned: ‘Every good boyfriend posts terrible pictures of you on important days.

  • There’s science behind it’.
  • Someone replied: ‘I always wonder why’.
  • A fourth wrote: ‘This picture of all pictures? Boyfriends can be the real crazy!’ A different person joked: ‘Best photo to pick I guess!’ One fan quipped: ‘Bro did her dirty!’ Another person who thought the same, said: ‘Why do bfs always posting embarrassing photo of their gf LMAOOO.’ However many thought that the playful snap was a good sign, with one writing: ‘You know they love you when they post not so fine pictures for your birthday.’ A different fan, said: ‘I love how Tom loves Zendaya.

This is really a man in love.’ In the snap which Tom posted to honour her 27th birthday, Zendaya was unrecognisable with a diving mask and snorkel on her face. Zendaya later took to her Twitter page to thank fans for their kind messages. Opinions: Fans shared their opinions about the birthday post on Twitter So cute! Zendaya marked her 27th birthday by sharing an adorable childhood photo of herself beaming with joy while crouched in front of a plate of cookies Reaction: Zendaya later took to her Twitter page to thank fans for their kind messages They were first romantically linked in 2017 after showing off their electric chemistry in the latest Spider-Man films.

  1. In September 2021, they finally confirmed their romance and made their relationship Instagram official Zendaya marked her birthday by sharing an adorable childhood photo of herself beaming with joy while crouched in front of a plate of cookies.
  2. While celebrating another year of life, the two-time Emmy winner gushed about how she is ‘reminded of how precious this life is’ every year that she grows and gets older.

‘Thank you all for helping me fill it up with so much love,’ she told her followers on Saturday. ‘Your kind words and constant support means everything to me. Thank you so so much and here’s to 27.’ In her latest post, she can be seen smiling with her eyes shut and chocolate on her fingers and lips.

  1. Her comment section was flooded with sweet messages from fans and her celebrity pals, including Euphoria costar, Hunter Schafer, Lori Harvey and Donatella Versace.
  2. ‘Happy birthday gorgeous @zendaya!!’ Versace, 68, commented while Harvey, 26, wrote: ‘Happy birthday babe!!!! ✨’ Naomi Campbell took to her own Instagram Story to share a sweet tribute to the Disney Channel alum, who rose to fame on the teen sitcom Shake It Up in 2010.

‘Bless to you on your born day!!’ she captioned a snap, which was taken at the Met Gala 2016 after-party.

How rich is Tom Holland?

According to Sportskeeda, Tom Holland’s net worth stands at USD 25 million as of 2023. The actor was paid a whopping USD 3 million for his stint in Far From Home, while its sequel No Way Home earned him a paycheque of over USD 10 million.

How tall is Loki?

Loki is a fictional prince of Asgard and god of mischief in Thor, The Avengers, and the extended Marvel franchise. Loki is based on the god of the same name in Norse mythology and like in Norse mythology, he is Thor’s adopted brother. His resentment towards his father, Odin, for hiding his origin is what turns him dark.

  1. He trained in sorcery, giving him powers such as astral projection, shape-shifting, telekinesis, teleportation, hypnosis, telepathy, dimensional rifts and shooting blasts of energy.
  2. In addition, Loki is trained in the art of combat, and is skilled with hand-to-hand fighting.
  3. His weapons of choice are throwing knives.

Loki is portrayed by Tom Hiddleston in the MCU with a height of 6’2″ (1.88 m). The comic book height of Loki is 6’4″ (1.93 m). Loki is a fictional prince of Asgard and god of mischief in Thor, The Avengers, and the extended Marvel franchise. Loki is based on the god of the same name in Norse mythology and like in Norse mythology, he is Thor’s adopted brother. His resentment towards his father, Odin, for hiding his origin is what turns him dark. Loki is portrayed by Tom Hiddleston in the MCU with a height of 6’2″ (1.88 m). The comic book height of Loki is 6’4″ (1.93 m). Upgrade to Pro Renew Pro

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Who is Peter Parker’s wife?

Early history – Mary Jane is depicted as an extremely beautiful, green-eyed redhead and was the primary romantic interest of Peter Parker for the majority of the forty years between her first full appearance in 1966 and the One More Day story in 2007 (Peter and Mary Jane married in 1987).

Initially, she competed with others for Peter’s affection, most prominently with Gwen Stacy and the Black Cat, Mary Jane’s relatively unknown early life was eventually explored in The Amazing Spider-Man #259. Early issues of The Amazing Spider-Man featured a running joke about Peter dodging his Aunt May ‘s attempts to set him up with “that nice Watson girl next-door”, whom Peter had not yet met and assumed would not be his type, since his aunt liked her (in the Parallel Lives graphic novel an identical scenario is shown between Mary Jane and her Aunt Anna ).

Mary Jane made her first actual appearance in The Amazing Spider-Man #25 (June 1965), although her face was obscured. However, she was seen by both Liz Allan and Betty Brant, who are both shocked by how attractive she is. It is not until The Amazing Spider-Man #42 (November 1966) that her face is actually seen. Mary Jane’s face is shown for the first time, and her famous catchphrase is first uttered. Art by John Romita Sr. From The Amazing Spider-Man #42. Peter begins to date her, much to the annoyance of Gwen Stacy. However, they eventually become irritated with each other and Peter subsequently chooses to date Gwen.

Mary Jane, who becomes Harry Osborn ‘s former love interest and former girlfriend for about a year, remains a close friend to Peter and Gwen. Despite her enjoyment of life, her friendships, and dating, Mary Jane refuses to be tied down for too long. When her relationship with Harry Osborn comes to an end, it has significant impact on Harry, driving him to a drug overdose.

This in turn creates a boomerang effect, driving his father Norman Osborn to the brink of insanity, temporarily restoring his memories as the Green Goblin, After the Green Goblin murders Gwen in The Amazing Spider-Man #121, Mary Jane attempts to comfort Peter.

Peter, who is distraught over the loss of Gwen Stacy, angrily confronts MJ about her seemingly flighty and carefree attitude. He questions her ability to ever care about people like him and Gwen, and states “You wouldn’t be sorry if your own mother died,” unaware that her mother had actually died. Mary Jane is hurt by Peter’s comments.

She attempts to leave, but hesitates as she approaches the door, and ultimately chooses to stay with him. This served as a turning point in their relationship, and over the next couple of years, she and Peter become very close friends. Eventually, upon realizing the feelings that they share for one another, they decide to take their relationship to the next level, having sex in the process.

  • Their relationship has a few initial hurdles, such as MJ’s hot temper and Peter’s always dashing off to be Spider-Man.
  • Following the events of the original clone saga, Peter realizes that Mary Jane is the girl he has always loved, and the two begin dating again.
  • Despite loving Peter, MJ does not wish to be tied down.

Yet, she allows the relationship to progress and is left with a difficult decision when Peter proposes to her. After taking a short time to consider, she turns him down. Following a series of traumatic experiences involving Peter’s absences and his costumed alter ego endangering his Aunt May, a spiritually exhausted MJ leaves New York for several months.

Peter meanwhile dates other women, most notably Felicia Hardy, MJ returns, her behavior showing a marked change with her abandonment of her false front. Following an attack on Peter by Puma, she breaks down and admits her knowledge of Peter’s secret identity in The Amazing Spider-Man #257. After learning of her own family history in The Amazing Spider-Man #259, Peter finds a new respect for her and begins to truly understand her.

MJ makes it clear to Peter that knowing his identity changes nothing about her feelings, and that she only loves him as a friend, her best friend. Despite the one-shot graphic novel Amazing Spider-Man: Parallel Lives and Untold Tales of Spider-Man #16 revealing that Mary Jane discovered Peter’s secret when she noticed Spider-Man climbing out of Peter’s bedroom window after his uncle’s murder, many comics published before this revelation claimed that she had simply “figured it out”, with the details of how and when left ambiguous to the reader.

After yet another period of reconsidering his priorities in life, Peter contemplates letting go of the Spider-Man mantle, with Mary Jane backing the decision, but his relationship with Felicia Hardy soon resumes. Feeling lost and guilty, Peter visits Mary Jane and apologizes with an awkward kiss before heading to Berlin with Ned Leeds,

Following Ned Leeds’ murder at the hands of the Foreigner, a changed and bitter Peter returns to New York, where his lack of direction in life is not helped when Ned is framed as the Hobgoblin, and Felicia elects to leave Peter behind as she is tied to the Foreigner.

How tall is the Hulk?

Characterization – Like other long-lived characters, the Hulk’s character and cultural interpretations have changed with time, adding or modifying character traits. The Hulk is typically seen as a hulking man with green skin, hair, and eyes, wearing only a pair of torn purple pants that survive his physical transformation as the character progressed.

  • As Bruce Banner, the character is about 5 ft 9 in (1.75 m) tall and weighs 128 lbs (58.05 kg), but when transformed into the Hulk, the character stands between 7 and 8 ft (2.13 – 2.43 m) tall and weighs between 1,040 and 1,400 lbs (471.73 – 635.02 kg).
  • The Gray Hulk stands 6 ft 6 in (1.98 m) tall and weighs 900 lbs (408.23 kg); the Merged Hulk stands 7 ft 6 in (2.28 m) tall and weighs 1,150 lbs (521.63 kg); the Green Scar stands 8 ft 8 in (2.64 m) tall and weighs 2,400 lbs (1.08 ton).

The Immortal Hulk is roughly the same size as Sasquatch, standing around 9 or 10 ft (2.74 / 3.04 m) tall and weighing roughly 2,000 lbs (907.18 kg). Following his debut, Banner’s transformations were triggered at nightfall, turning him into a grey-skinned Hulk.

Is A 250 IQ good?

Was William Sidis the most intellectually gifted person in the world? – William James Sidis. Credit: Wikimedia Commons. This brings the question: who’s the person with the highest IQ ever? According to some, that would be William James Sidis (1898-1944), with an IQ estimated between 250 and 300. A true child prodigy, Sidis could read English by the time he was two and could write in French by age four.

At age five, the young Sidis devised a formula whereby he could name the day of the week for any given historical date. When he was eight, he made a new logarithmic table based on the number 12. At age 12, Sidis was admitted to Harvard where he wrote theories on “Fourth Dimensional Bodies” and graduated cum laude before his sixteenth birthday.

At this age, Sidis could already speak and read fluently in French, German, Russian, Greek, Latin, Armenian, and Turkish. Young Sidis’ achievements did not fly under the radar, with the foremost newspapers of the time following his academic record and reporting outlandish stories.

  • But journalists also constantly harassed the young Sidis, who came to loathe the press and the “genius” staple.
  • The celebrity and pressure might have gotten to him in the end.
  • After a brief stint in 1918 teaching at Rice University in Texas, Sidis went through various clerk jobs.
  • Reclusive in nature, all Sidis wanted in life was a job that paid his most basic expenses and which made no further demands from him.
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Sidis died poor and with not much to show in terms of academic achievements. Harvard professors would speak of the young Sidis, while he was still attending the university, that he would grow to be the greatest mathematician in the world. His only published work is a three-hundred-page treatise on collecting streetcar transfers.

According to American Heritage : “The book, Notes on the Collection of Transfers, contains densely printed arcana about various interconnecting lines, scraps of verse about streetcars, and some simple, foolish streetcar jokes that the author might have enjoyed in his childhood, had he had one. Sidis published it under the unlovely pseudonym of Frank Folupa, but reporters managed to ascribe the book to him, tracked him down, and again he fled.” Sidis’ IQ is said to have been tested by a psychologist, and his score was allegedly the very highest ever recorded.

William Sidis took general intelligence tests for Civil Service positions in New York and Boston, gaining phenomenal records which are the stuff of legends. But this information could not be verified at this date, and perhaps never will be.

What was Thanos IQ?

Thanos’ IQ is over 9000.

How tall is venom?

Venom is the name for a fictional human host, most famously Eddie Brock, combined with the alien symbiote that gives him powers. He is an anti-hero, both helping and hurting Spider-Man and the world at large, in Spider-Man, Venom, and the extended Marvel franchise.

  • His powers include shapeshifting, camouflage, enhanced physical strength, and most of Spider-Man’s powers, including webbing.
  • He also has sharp teeth and a long tongue, and cannot be detected by spider-sense.
  • Venom is one of the few Marvel characters is still owned by Sony, rather than Disney, and the Venom movie was the first in the Sony Marvel Universe.

Venom is portrayed by Tom Hardy in the MCU with a height of 5’9″ (1.75 m) though his size is variable. The comic book height of Venom is 6’3″ (1.91 m). Venom is the name for a fictional human host, most famously Eddie Brock, combined with the alien symbiote that gives him powers. He is an anti-hero, both helping and hurting Spider-Man and the world at large, in Spider-Man, Venom, and the extended Marvel franchise. Venom is portrayed by Tom Hardy in the MCU with a height of 5’9″ (1.75 m) though his size is variable. The comic book height of Venom is 6’3″ (1.91 m). Upgrade to Pro Renew Pro

How tall is Batman?

Batman’s height in DC Comics – Batman’s official height in DC Comics is 6′ 2″. This can be found in the DC Comics Encyclopedia. DC Comics Batman is one of the taller DC heroes, even compared to his fully-grown, former sidekicks. The most recent DC Comics Encyclopedia was published in 2021. DC has also regularly detailed stats such as height and power levels over the years in various Secret Files & Origins one-shots.

  1. Sign up to Dexerto for free and receive Fewer Ads | Dark Mode | Deals in Gaming, TV and Movies, and Tech At 6′ 2″, Batman towers over many friends and foes.
  2. He’s good seven inches taller than Catwoman and stands an inch or so taller than the likes of Green Arrow or The Flash.
  3. Surprisingly, though, Batman’s is actually taller at 6′ 5″.

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Who is taller Thanos or Hulk?

Becoming the ultimate villain for the greatest heroes in the Marvel Universe requires a certain degree of power, intelligence, and stature. With only two films, Avengers Infinity War and its follow-up sequel Avengers Endgame, Josh Brolin ( Deadpool 2, Dune )’s Thanos “The Mad Titan” has become one of if not the most iconic cinematic villain of the current generation of film, Though Thanos’ general motivations have been somewhat altered from the original source material to help accommodate the established Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), there is an undervalued minor alteration which goes to the height of “The Mad Titan”.

As to be expected from a villain of his size and magnitude, MCU Thanos ultimately arrives at a monstrous height of 8’3. In comparison to Thanos, the revered Marvel film trinity of Iron Man and Captain America at 6’1 followed by Thor at 6’3 are greatly inferior to their purple-skinned nemesis, with Thor being the closest in height to Thanos on film.

There have not been many MCU villains that are shorter than their protagonists, they have mostly been on equal footing literally as well as internally.1984’s The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe’s Book of the Dead And Inactive II list’s comic book Thanos as being 6’7, a few inches taller than the 6’2 dictator Doctor Doom but smaller in comparison to the 7′ powerhouse The Incredible Hulk.

But, Thanos still holds the high point victory over several of his closest enemies who have challenged his great power throughout the years. The pinnacle of Thanos’ comic career, 1991’s legendary cosmic affair The Infinity Gauntlet clearly showcases that Thanos also towers over the cosmic heavy-hitters Adam Warlock (6’2), Silver Surfer (6’4), and even Thanos’ brother Eros a.k.a.

Starfox (6’1). If the MCU depiction of Thanos followed in the vein of the comics and made the character’s height 6’7, it would be harder for the audience to take Marvel’s ultimate big bad as seriously. A villain who is slightly below the same height as The Incredible Hulk at 8’2 but towers over mainstay heroes Captain America and Thor is a relatively certain method to intimidate not only the heroes but the film audience.

  1. His height also makes him seem more alien, as opposed to being the size of a normal human.
  2. Thanos’ height is not the end all be all of “The Mad Titan” as it may be to other characters such as the X-Men’s Wolverine – but making him more physically opposing went a long way in making him seeing more threatening.

The original interpretation of Thanos may pale in comparison when it comes to the stature of his film counterpart, but some aspects of the comics are better left in the printed page. Thanos’ unscrupulous lust for power needs to envisioned not only through his character mentally but psychically as well.