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How Long Is Guardians Of The Galaxy 3?

How long is Guardians of the Galaxy 3 including credits?

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3 has a runtime of two hours and 29 minutes (149 minutes).

Will there be a Guardians of the Galaxy 4?

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.4 Release Date Rumors The potential release date for has been on the minds of Marvel fans ever since the release of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.3, which featured Rocket’s origin story and saw the rag-tag team race against time to save his life after Rocket is nearly killed by Adam Warlock.

  1. Here’s all the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.4 release date information we know so far, and all the details on when it is coming out.
  2. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.4 does not have an official release date.
  3. This is because James Gunn revealed via Twitter on May 15, 2023, that Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.4 has no real chance of happening.

Moreover, Gunn stated that while another Guardians of the Galaxy film could be made in the future, it would not feature the same cast from the previous three Guardians of the Galaxy films and would also not be called “Vol.4”. Additionally, has also shifted all his attention to DC Studios as its new co-CEO, which would very likely not leave him any time to even think of developing a fourth Guardians film.

  1. Moreover, several cast members such as Dave Bautista and Zoe Saldana have stated that they are done with the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise and Marvel as a whole.
  2. However, a potential fourth film with a brand new cast was teased in the mid-credits scene of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.3 where the roster included Rocket Raccoon (the leader), Groot, Kraglin, Adam Warlock, Blurp, Cosmo, and Phyla-Vell.

The return of Chris Pratt’s Star-Lord was also teased in the post-credits scene where it said: “The Legendary Star-Lord Will Return”, though it is unknown as to whether it will be the potential fourth film or a separate solo project for the character.

Is Guardians 3 the last one?

Buckle up, Marvel fans — the Guardians are here to save the galaxy once again. However, in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.3, everyone’s favorite band of misfit superheroes looks a little different than when fans saw them in the previous films. The Guardians are still suffering from the loss of one of their own after Gamora (played by Zoë Saldaña ) sacrificed herself in the 2018 film Avengers: Infinity War, while other characters like Mantis (Pom Klementieff) and Nebula ( Karen Gillian ) are now an official part of the Guardian gang.

The cast wrapped filming in May 2022 and director James Gunn confirmed that after 8 years of Guardians movies ( Vol.1 premiered in 2014), Vol.3 will be the final installment of the franchise. “I love this amazing cast & crew & their beautiful talent & kind souls. I’m a lucky human to have them on the journey with me for nearly a decade,” he wrote on Instagram,

While Gunn may be sad to say goodbye to Guardians, at least one member of the team is ready to move on. Dave Bautista, who plays Drax, admitted that filming was often difficult, “I’m so grateful for Drax. I love him. But there’s a relief, It wasn’t all pleasant,” he said in an interview with GQ Hype,

“It was hard playing that role. The makeup process was beating me down.” “And,” the former wrestler added, “I just don’t know if I want Drax to be my legacy — it’s a silly performance, and I want to do more dramatic stuff.” Regardless of their feelings about finishing the franchise, members of the cast have plans to keep in touch.

While speaking to PEOPLE at a Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.3 special screening in May 2023, lead star Chris Pratt mentioned that the cast has a group text thread, “It’s Pom’s birthday today. She’s down in Miami. We’re a very close cast. We’ve all been through a lot,” he explained.

  1. James is one of my dearest friends, and that’s the type of relationship that I will continue to foster.” “I know the text threads will keep going and stay strong.
  2. We’ll be checking in on each other, like marriages and families and all the life things that happen.
  3. We’ll be there for each other,” he added.

From the cast to the trailers, here’s everything to know about Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.3,

Is Guardians of the Galaxy 3 really 5 hours?

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3 is out now in cinemas to bring the MCU trilogy to an epic conclusion and for that finale, the movie has delivered the longest Guardians outing to date. The new movie runs for a confirmed 149 minutes and 51 seconds, or nearly two-and-a-half hours.

  1. That’s almost 20 minutes longer than Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 (130 mins 24 seconds) and nearly 30 minutes longer than the first movie (120 min, 41 seconds).
  2. Guardians of the Galaxy 3 ‘s runtime also makes it one of the longest MCU movies ever, but it’s still some way short of Avengers: Endgame ‘s 181-minutes.

The runtime for the threequel puts it around the same length as Avengers: Infinity War, Trust us though, Guardians 3 is worth every minute of its extended runtime. After the first reports of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3 ‘s runtime in March 2023, writer-director James Gunn responded to any potential worries that it’s too long for a Guardians movie. “I promise, not a second is wasted,” he assured fans. “There’s no fat. Daniel Knighton // Getty Images He could well return to Marvel in the future and has even been teasing that his new DC position could lead to a crossover movie, “That’s many years away, though. I think we have to establish what we’re doing first. I would be lying to say that we haven’t discussed it.

Why is Guardians 3 5 hours long?

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.3 director James Gunn explains the movie’s longer runtime and why it is necessary to pay off each character’s story. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.3 director James Gunn is defending the Marvel Cinematic Universe film’s longer runtime to fans, promising “not a second is wasted” of the reported 2 hours and 29 minutes length. Responding to fans on Twitter, Gunn confirmed the reported runtime, but clarified that it is “not exact yet.” The director tweeted, “I promise, not a second is wasted.

Who is the 45 year old Guardians of the Galaxy?

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.3 (2023) – Gregg Henry as Grandpa Quill – IMDb.

How did Groot say I love you guys?

Did James Gunn imply that audiences can now understand Groot’s final line? – Towards the end of the sequel, Groot says, “I love you guys” — a departure from his usual dialogue of “I am Groot.” James Gunn has confirmed that this isn’t actually Groot vocalizing the words “I love you guys,” but rather, the moment signifies that the audience has spent enough time with the Guardians and Groot to be able to understand what he is saying.

Spoiler.Yes that’s exactly what it means.

— James Gunn (@JamesGunn) Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.3 was directed by James Gunn and was released in theaters on May 5. The sequel heavily features the backstory of Rocket — the armed and snarky raccoon voiced by Bradley Cooper — and his history with the film’s villain, The High Evolutionary ().

Why is Chris Pratt leaving Marvel?

Dave Bautista and Zoe Saldaña Are Done With Marvel, but Chris Pratt Isn’t: Playing Star Lord ‘Would Be Strange’ Without James Gunn, but ‘I Would Do It’ With the release of “” comes the end of ‘s tenure in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The filmmaker is exiting the MCU after directing three “Guardians” movies and is moving on to his new full-time job as the co-head of DC Studios, where he’s building a new DC Universe across film, television and video games that includes a Superman movie he’s writing and directing.

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Gunn’s “Guardians” cast members Zoe Saldaña and Dave Bautista have already saying they’re exiting Marvel along with Gunn following the release of “Guardians Vol.3.”, who has headlined the “Guardians” franchise as Star Lord, is a different story. Speaking to, Pratt said he would continue to play the character as long as Marvel honors what Gunn started.

“It would be strange to continue story without James,” Pratt said. “He’s done such a masterful job in the first three films. We really found the voice of Peter Quill together and without him, obviously, I would never have had this opportunity. He writes it, he directs it, he dreams up the music, it’s his imagination on screen.

So, to continue to tell the story, it would really be important to honor what he’s done in the first three films and to honor what the fans have grown to love about the character and not simply do it because people might show up to pay for it, you know?” Pratt continued, “I don’t want to be cynical in the approach and if that’s the case, I just wouldn’t do it at all.

So maybe down the road if something makes sense I would do it but it would really have to check a lot of the right boxes.” Pratt already has experience playing Star Lord for directors who aren’t James Gunn, but only in a supporting role capacity. Joe and Anthony Russo directed “Avengers: Endgame” and “Avengers: Infinity War,” while Taika Waititi helmed “Thor: Love and Thunder.” All three Marvel tentpoles featured Pratt’s Star Lord but not as a headlining character — only the Gunn-directed “Guardians” movies have put Star Lord front and center.

As for Pratt’s “Guardians” co-stars, Saldaña recently point blank that “Vol.3” is the last time she’ll be in a Marvel movie as her character Gamora. She said, “I don’t think this is the end for the Guardians. It is the end for me, for Gamora.” Bautista confirmed in an interview with earlier this year that “Vol.3” would be his last outing as Drax.

“I’m so grateful for Drax. I love him. But there’s a relief,” Bautista said at the time. “It wasn’t all pleasant. It was hard playing that role. The makeup process was beating me down. And I just don’t know if I want Drax to be my legacy — it’s a silly performance, and I want to do more dramatic stuff.” In a previous, Pratt also expressed interest in playing Star Lord without Gunn.

  1. The actor said, “Now if you’re saying to me, Chris Pratt the actor, do I want to reprise my role as Peter Quill and is there mileage left in the character and do I have the bandwidth or headspace for that? I do.
  2. I’d be interested in playing the character again.” “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.3” opens in theaters nationwide May 5 from Disney.

: Dave Bautista and Zoe Saldaña Are Done With Marvel, but Chris Pratt Isn’t: Playing Star Lord ‘Would Be Strange’ Without James Gunn, but ‘I Would Do It’

Why is Groot so big?

How did Baby Groot become buff? – Groot in The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special (image via Marvel Studios) James Gunn explained the decision to make the character more buff on Twitter. He mentioned it was done to make him slightly different from his father in the 2014 film as he is, in essence, of the same build. Thus, ultimately, the character’s appearance is a combination of his natural state of progression and James Gunn’s creative decision. Edited by Adelle Fernandes Thank You! GIF Cancel Reply ❮ ❯

Why is GotG 3 so good?

It’s the most beautiful story, it’s fun, funny, beautifully shot, features one of the best action scenes ever put to camera, features the best character work in any blockbuster ever, has phenomenal pacing, great style and scope, while it’s visually very large scale, it really is a small movie about saving a friend.

Is Adam Warlock a bad guy?

Is Adam Warlock a Hero or a Villain? – Lee and Kirby portrayed Him as a cold, enigmatic figure — not quite evil, but hardly heroic either. In his debut issue, he rebels against his role as the Enclave’s tool of world domination, then promptly kills his creators without hesitation. When he reappears in Thor, he possesses a scornful, condescending attitude towards humanity, and shows disdain for Thor’s compassion for mortals.

  • As he proudly declares, “I am Him! I am law and truth unto myself!” He may not be a power-mad despot like his creators, but he’s still presented as a callous, selfish antagonist for the heroes of Marvel Comics.
  • However, that all changed once Him received the name he would become best known for.
  • In 1972’s Marvel Premiere #1 by Roy Thomas and Gil Kane, Him’s cocoon is recovered by the High Evolutionary, who soon dubs him Warlock.

Warlock observes the High Evolutionary’s latest experiment — an artificial planet called Counter-Earth. Created by the High Evolutionary to be a perfect society free of evil, Counter-Earth nevertheless develops into a near-perfect copy of 20th century Earth, complete with all its ills.

  • Though the High Evolutionary intends to wipe out all life on his new world and start the experiment anew, Him undergoes a change of heart and feels compassion for the humans of Counter-Earth.
  • Determined to stay the High Evolutionary’s hand, Warlock descends to Counter-Earth to become its hero and prove that its people are worthy of life.

Soon, Warlock is given the first name “Adam” by a group of teenagers who discover his crash landing. The newly renamed Adam Warlock is a far cry from his Lee-Kirby origins, going from a ruthless Übermensch who looks down on humanity to a kind-hearted savior who seeks to preserve human life.

  1. Writer Roy Thomas has stated in interviews that his characterization of Warlock was inspired by the then-recent musical Jesus Christ Superstar, which inspired him to give the Marvel Universe its own cosmic messiah.
  2. However, Warlock’s morality would become blurrier in writer-artist Jim Starlin’s run on Warlock, which introduced a new villain for Adam in the form of his own future self.

Traveling back in time and taking the name Magus, he set himself up as the ruler and deity of the Universal Church of Truth, a theocratic empire bent on saving the cosmos through conquest. Adam initially refuses to believe that he could ever become the Magus — but in truth, the Magus isn’t so far removed from Warlock’s time as Him.

Will gamora be in GotG 3?

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3 has finally arrived on Disney+ and its arrival has led to some Marvel fans asking the same question: how is Gamora back alive? It’s been an eventful time for the Guardians since Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2, with Gamora sacrificed by her father Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War to get his hands on the Soul Stone, Marvel Studios // Getty Images Watch Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3 on Disney+ To explain all, we need to head back to Avengers: Endgame and its timey-wimey plot that went all over the MCU timeline. Part of the time heist saw Nebula and Rhodey (or should that be Skrull-Rhodey ?) head to Morag in 2014 to steal the Power Stone before Peter Quill could.

While in 2014 they attracted the attention of 2014’s Thanos, which led to 2014-Nebula switching places with 2023-Nebula. When 2014-Nebula ended back in the present day, she brought Thanos and his ship into the same year, along with the 2014 version of Gamora, who hadn’t even met the Guardians at that point in her timeline.

This 2014-Gamora ended up going against her father to help the Avengers in the Battle of Earth. At the end of Avengers: Endgame, 2014-Gamora snuck away as the rest of the Avengers were mourning the loss of Tony Stark. This was the last time we saw her in the MCU until the events of Guardians of the Galaxy 3, Marvel Studios The threequel revealed that 2014-Gamora had gone on to join the Ravagers since the events of Endgame, She acts as though she doesn’t know Peter and the Guardians because she really doesn’t – this Gamora isn’t the Gamora we watched in the first two Guardians movies.

That version of Gamora really did die when Thanos sacrificed her and the Gamora in Guardians 3 is the alternate-timeline Gamora. It’s why she acts differently to the Gamora we knew, as she’s had different life experiences. Even though Peter believes he can make this version of Gamora remember what the original Gamora did, it’s just never going to happen as they’re different people.

She does still help the Guardians out, but admits to Peter at the end that, “I’m still not who you want me to be”. “I know. But who you ain’t so bad,” Peter says in return, finally accepting that his Gamora is gone. Disney/Marvel Studios // Marvel Studios For Zoe Saldaña, she explained that while the decision for this alternate Gamora to not end up with the Guardians was “bittersweet”, she thought it was the “right way to end things for her”, “At the end of the day, any multiverse that she would’ve come from, she was still going to have the same experience with Thanos, and she was still gonna have the same guilt and the same trauma,” Saldaña continued. Movies Editor, Digital Spy Ian has more than 10 years of movies journalism experience as a writer and editor. Starting out as an intern at trade bible Screen International, he was promoted to report and analyse UK box-office results, as well as carving his own niche with horror movies, attending genre festivals around the world.

After moving to Digital Spy, initially as a TV writer, he was nominated for New Digital Talent of the Year at the PPA Digital Awards. He became Movies Editor in 2019, in which role he has interviewed 100s of stars, including Chris Hemsworth, Florence Pugh, Keanu Reeves, Idris Elba and Olivia Colman, become a human encyclopedia for Marvel and appeared as an expert guest on BBC News and on-stage at MCM Comic-Con.

Where he can, he continues to push his horror agenda – whether his editor likes it or not. Read full bio

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Will Guardians 3 be good?

Trilogy-ender breathes life into a wilting Marvel Cinematic Universe – From left, Karen Gillan (Nebula), Chris Pratt (Peter Quill) and Dave Bautista (Drax the Destroyer) star in James Gunn’s Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.3. It’s an impressive, if depressing finale to the trilogy, and breathes new life into the Marvel Cinematic Universe that’s been searching for a reason to exist post-Avengers: Endgame.

  1. Marvel Studios) Marvel has a direction problem.
  2. That’s not to say it has a directors problem; the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) has never hurt for big names behind the camera.
  3. But beyond the people at the helm, the biggest problem with Marvel’s latest films hasn’t been the films themselves: It’s the direction they’re all headed in.

After a series of increasingly interconnected releases managed to build a narrative arc that started all the way back in 2008’s Iron Man and finished in that single snappy second of Avengers: Endgame in 2019, the franchise has been mostly unmoored. Because the incredible achievement of the MCU has been creating what is essentially a gigantic crossover episode — varied enough that it can attract fans of multiple genres, and big enough that following along feels like a communal experience.

  1. However, every conflict eventually needs a resolution, and unfortunately, even Marvel Studios CEO Kevin Feige couldn’t keep the same game going indefinitely.
  2. Eventually the bad guy had to go, the hammer had to be handed off, and the long intertwined threads that gave the MCU its allure had to, mostly, wrap themselves up.

While that is satisfying, it’s not good for the franchise’s future, as these stories are much less compelling when it feels like they don’t have a reason to exist. So when I say Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.3 is the best — and first actually good — Marvel entry since Endgame, maybe you can extend me some latitude.

WATCH | Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.3 trailer: It’s one of the earliest MCU properties still putting out movies, and (though James Gunn is not the only director with writing credits) one of only two solely written and directed by the same person. That gave Guardians Vol.2 a unique voice, even when its contemporaries were relatively strong.

Now that nearly every other cinematic release reads like a holding pattern until they finally get around to mutants, Guardians Vol.3 is the first sign in a while that Marvel might actually have some genuine enjoyment left in the tank.

Will Guardians Vol 3 be good?

‘Guardians Of The Galaxy 3′ Review: Practically Perfect In Every Way The Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 3 Credit: Marvel Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol.3 is the best Marvel movie I’ve seen in years. I did enjoy Spider-Man: No Way Home quite a bit, but other than that, the MCU has felt a bit like a pale shadow of its former self.

There’s fun to be had in bits and pieces in movies like Ant-Man 3 and Dr. Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness, but it’s all gotten a little stale, like a fifth course at a meal I filled up on long ago. For every WandaVision, there’s a She-Hulk to remind us just how lousy the MCU has become compared to its glory days.

Thankfully, James Gunn sticks the landing with the third and final Guardians movie. It’s an emotionally powerful, wildly inventive, often hilarious tour de force farewell for our ragtag band of intergalactic space heroes. I admit to a special fondness for Guardians of the Galaxy.

  1. The first film came out almost nine years ago in late 2014 and I had no idea what to expect when I went.
  2. I wasn’t a fan of the comics (having never read them) and had next to zero knowledge about any of the characters.
  3. Unlike better-known MCU heroes like Captain America, Thor and Iron Man, I went into the first Guardians movie completely blind other than a single trailer.

I knew Chris Pratt from Parks & Rec where he’d played a chubby, rather dumb (but lovable) loser and that’s about it. I fell in love. I fell in love with the characters, with the music, with the sense of humor that felt so different from other MCU gags.

  1. The writing was different, largely because this was James Gunn and he brought his own unique spin to the characters and stories.
  2. Star-Lord saves the day through a dance-off.
  3. The soundtrack is an integral part of the story.
  4. I dressed up as Star-Lord for Halloween that year, and bought an original Sony Walkman on eBay for several hundred dollars (which I sold around when Guardians 2 came out for a tidy profit).

Rocket Raccoon Credit: Marvel Speaking of Guardians 2, it wasn’t as good as the original but it was still a fun movie that managed to preserve its own unique identity within the homogeneity of the wider MCU, something that still feels rare. Oddly, the MCU has been in a bit of an identity crisis lately.

I think part of that is what worked for a unified movie universe starring Thor and Iron Man and Captain America and Black Widow doesn’t work as well when those stars are gone, and new ones have to fill their shoes. Guardians 3, then, exists as something of an anomaly now. It is the final act to a story that began way back in 2014.

Its second act landed in theaters six years ago almost to the day. We’ve seen Star-Lord and Gamora (Zoe Saldana) and Nebula (Karen Gillan) and Groot (Vin Diesel) and Drax (Dave Bautista) and Rocket Raccoon (Bradley Cooper) and Kraglin (Sean Gunn) and Mantis (Pom Klementieff) between now and then, in Avengers movies and briefly in the latest Thor, but other than the fun holiday special, this is the first time the gang is back together.

  • It’s also the last, which is both sad and satisfying.
  • Gunn does a wonderful job tying up these characters’ arcs and stories.
  • Things get pretty emotional at times, but there’s always some comic relief around the next corner, which can feel a bit like whiplash at times, but in a good way.
  • I won’t spoil the story.
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Much focuses on Rocket’s backstory, which is pretty grim, and deals with the main villain of both that bleak past and this dire present: the High Evolutionary (Chukwudi Iwuji) an erratic, unhinged supervillain that embodies a classic sort of progressive thinking that’s led to noxious ideas such as eugenics: That the world can be made perfect if we just tinker with it mercilessly, without worrying too much about who gets hurt along the way.

  • He doesn’t want to make the world a better place,” Rocket says at one point.
  • He just doesn’t like it the way it is.” Such is the nature of Utopia.
  • Beneath every one is a dystopian reality curdling just under the surface.
  • I can certainly think of plenty of people in today’s world who fit Rocket’s description.

Star-Lord and the High Evolutionary Credit: Marvel I really only have one complaint. Tthe 2.5 hour runtime might be just a tad long. For those of you who read my film reviews, this is me beating an old drum, thumpity-thumpity over and over again, but I intend to keep beating it until Hollywood listens.

  1. Movies do not need to be this long.
  2. Save something for the streaming and/or Blu-Ray release.
  3. I thought Gunn’s Suicide Squad was pretty good, but it also ran about 20 or 30 minutes too long and by its very bizarre end I was drifting.
  4. Even shaving fifteen from Guardians 3 would have made me feel a little less antsy while waiting around,

But this is honestly a fairly minor quibble. I enjoyed Guardians 3 from start to finish. I love how things wrapped up so nicely for all the different characters. Not everyone got what they wanted, but like the Rolling Stones remind us: Sometimes you get what you need.

It was a practically perfect ending to a practically perfect superhero movie that takes viewers along to weird alien worlds, through crazy action-packed fights, and into emotionally dark and redemptive places. Iwuji is terrific as the villain. Will Poulter, who plays Adam Warlock, was a nice addition if perhaps a little underused here.

The whole cast is great. Cameos from Nathan Fillion and others are fun. I laughed. I cried (more than I care to admit) and I bid farewell to some of my favorite of the MCU’s heroes. I’ll definitely see this one again, though probably not until it leaves theaters—not because it’s not great, but because it’s a little heavy to go back to.

  • Not every movie can be as much fun as Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves.
  • Here’s of Guardians 3 : Have you seen Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol.3 yet? Let me know what you thought of the film on or.
  • I’ll have a follow-up post discussing some story points with spoilers later on so please do give me a follow.

You can also and so you can stay up-to-date on all my TV, movie and video game reviews and coverage. Thanks! : ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy 3′ Review: Practically Perfect In Every Way

Does Guardians 3 have a post credit scene?

The Big Picture –

All members of the Guardians of the Galaxy survive and return to Knowhere, but several decide it’s time to retire and move on to their own adventures. A new team of Guardians is introduced in the mid-credits scene, led by Rocket and featuring familiar faces and a mysterious new character, potentially setting up future storylines. The post-credits scene hints at the return of Star-Lord, with the possibility of a solo film or a role in an upcoming film.

Does Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.3 have any post-credits scenes? You bet your zargnuts it does, but as with most end-credits sequences, the two scenes at that play for James Gunn ‘s final Marvel film raise many questions that warrant explanation. Anyone who has seen a movie set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe knows there is almost always something waiting for entertained fans in the credits.

How old is gamora?

Trivia –

Gamora is based on the character of the same name from the 2008 issue of the Guardians of the Galaxy teammates. The Peter and Gamora relationship is referred to as “Starmora”. If following the actors age, Gamora is approximately thirty-five years old (in human years), but is actually twenty-five in Zehoberei years.

Will Peter Quill be back?

Legendary Star-Lord’s MCU Return Tease Sets Up Two Future Series – James Gunn has spoken about a prospective Legendary Star-Lord movie occurring in the MCU’s future, stating in the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.3 digital commentary that ” Chris and I, forever, have talked about how great it would be to be able to do a ‘Legendary Star-Lord’ movie – a story with Star-Lord on Earth trying to adapt to the environment of Earth in the same way that somebody else might try to adapt to the alien environment of outer space.

  • He’s a fish out of water in just kind of regular water.
  • So I can’t wait to see it.
  • This seemingly confirms that the tease regarding Star-Lord’s future will lead into this movie – but with James Gunn moving to focus on the DCU, it’s also possible plans may be altered to better suit some already in-progress MCU projects.

With this in mind, Guardians of the Galaxy 3 ‘s tease that the Legendary Star-Lord will return could be part of Marvel Studios’ plans for the Nova solo project in development, which most recently was reportedly going to be a Disney+ show. The tease has bigger implications than just revealing Star-Lord’s new MCU name, and there are not many immediate upcoming MCU projects that would make sense for Peter Quill to appear in.

Nova is the biggest exception to that. The solo project focusing on Richard Rider’s ascension as Nova would actually be the perfect place for Star-Lord to return after Guardians of the Galaxy 3, and could well see him feature even if a Star-Lord solo series is officially announced after Gunn’s seeming confirmation of it.

Now that Star-Lord is back on Earth, he is perfectly positioned to encounter Richard Rider on his path to become Nova. It is not yet known exactly how the MCU will tackle Nova’s origin story, but the comics began Rider’s superhero story after he was recruited by Rhomann Dey, played by John C.

Why didn t Quill use his mask?

Why James Gunn chose to keep the helmet out – Drunk Star-Lord in Guardians 3 (Image via Marvel) Most fans complained that in his final outing as the leader of Guardians, Peter Quill didn’t get to wear his helmet even once. Those are his staple weapons and a part of his iconic identity. So, he shouldn’t have just left them behind. Frozen Peter Quill in Guardians 3 (Image via Marvel) While this was the story’s reason, there was another external reason for not using the helmet. Without the helmet, Gunn was able to give Star-Lord a major sacrificial moment, which wouldn’t have felt special if he had his helmet and boots.

  • Furthermore, Gunn was also able to continue the pattern of icing Star-Lord or someone close to him in space.
  • In Guardians Vol.1, Gamora got iced, but then Quill saved her and almost froze to death himself.
  • In Vol.2, once again, Quill could have frozen to death, but Yondu sacrificed himself.
  • In Guardians 3, Quill literally turned into the ice-man until Adam saved him.

So, Gunn was able to do all this and raise the stakes by simply choosing to leave the helmet out of the picture. However, we’ll see this equipment return along with the Legendary Star-Lord in Avengers: The Kang Dynasty, Edited by Shreya Das Thank You! GIF Cancel Reply ❮ ❯